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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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for me personally, i am excited because my 2-year-old son kai will be at the age we -- where he will be able to appreciate this. he will see the kind of benefit of this event coming to san francisco not just as the event itself but as a sailor, it will bring higher level of rents -- events. there is a lot of things that can happen just beyond this event. i am happy to enter the action face. i support this and i hope you vote on it. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, the supervisors. i have been before you numerous times. -- good afternoon, supervisors. i represent small businesses, i do that for living. i have clients waiting for signatures on pieces of paper so
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we can move forward. we have gone through a a whole lot of work to try to get here today. i would like everybody to leave today in a positive, upbeat mode and carried the smile and positive energy to the world about what san francisco can do and hopefully, the press will be more kind to us people who have been dedicated the last two years to make this event happened. we can all walk tall, proud, and happy that this event will happen today and i can get my contracts signed after you guys sign your contracts and we can get the cash flows -- going -- cash flow going. it needs to be done now. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> president chiu and supervisors. i am the operations manager for san francisco's annual fleet week. i think it is important to set
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the tone and understanding that fleet week is the city and county event that is executed by the order directors of the san francisco fleet week association. very capably led by my boss, who could not be here today. he sent me to just say that whatever decision you make and i have not had the opportunity to read their redefined development agreement, that we remember that appear 30 and 32 is important to flee week. -- pier 30 and 32 is important to flee tweet. we raise all our funds through corporate sponsorships. critical to our 501c3 status. fleet week plays a huge part in it. that is where we put the aircraft carrier. some of you have participated in
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our senior leadership seminar. it is bringing 1.5 million citizens to a free event of the public every year since -- as we have for 31 years. then mayor feinstein introduce the event. critical to this is pier 30 and 32. we executed an event, remember that 30 and 32, we're willing to share but we factor that into the decision to go forward with this new agreement. thank you very much. we are in discussion with the america's cup. it is a civic event as well which we would hope would go forward. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> thankyo you, president chiu
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and supervisors. i am that commodore of the san francisco yacht club. i wish to convey these speakers and join them to convey our strong advocacy for the resolution in front of you to bring the cup to our great city. we have 2450 members and over 150 employees. we are a nonprofit corporation and are a substantial rent paying tenant. we're already seeing the big economic benefits and the jobs creation that we're hoping to see from the america's cup. those benefits that go beyond the short-term effect of tourist revenue. in addition, san francisco's national and international perception and a steam will be broadened through extensive media exposure, leading to more opportunities in the future for more growth, tourism, and jobs even after the america's cup may be gone.
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additionally, this event will provide an impetus for investing and further improvement programs which will continue to benefit the city for many decades to come. we urge you to join all the other speakers who are pro- america's cup to approve this resolution today so that preparations can begin for this great event without delay. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> hi, everyone. i wanted to speak to and thank the members of the board of supervisors who have wanted to put an arts component as part of the america's cup and have raised their concerns that it was not, especially supervisor eric mar which was the first to raise his voice about that. supervisor avalos and supervisor kim in committee and supervisor campos who joined to voice his support for the arts. we have 200 individual artists
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that have been coming to meetings about the america's cup over the last year and numerous artists that are planning projects and events, they are raising money on their own to do this. as we have said in the past, we are committed to being involved, we are committed to helping the authority increase its corporate sparser ships -- sponsorships. we will do our part to increase the american -- the economic impact. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. if there are other speakers, please come forward. >> thank you. i support the proposal and i hope we get a lot of jobs. i am here for jobs. i think you. -- thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker.
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>> "the race is on in an exciting way." mayor ed lee. i moved to get involved in the america's cup. it is time to take action to bring the america's cup to san francisco bay. the future of the of that lies in your vote. the organizing body of the race management and event authority have done their part to transform the sport into a high- tech, high-adrenaline, high spectacle. i urge you to vote in support of the america's cup. it is of global and international significance. thank you for your support. president chiu: thank you. are there any other speakers? this comment is closed.
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supervisor delonte -- olague, you had a question. supervisor olague: this could be directed to -- you had the opportunity to meet. we started some of these conversations before the latest agreement when it was a far more aggressive project, i would argue. i do believe that -- there was an interesting point raised. how do we try to connect some of the tourist or visitors in what is going on in some of the districts? fillmore has revitalized the jazz district there and there is a lot of positive movement in that neighborhood.
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he worked with the brothers for change and the caterers. how do we make sure the small businesses also benefit from some of the hopefully, some of the potential we have that we achieved through the america's cup event. i am wondering how we can continue to make sure we make those connections. another gentleman raised the issue of youth and making sure they have some access to learning more about sailing, perhaps, and the sort of thing. earlier i introduced along with a couple of other supervisors in my work with the youth commission on resolution that has to do with hiring of youth and creating some employment for you during the summer. it seems there might be some possibility for that. i have talked to others
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associated with this project about this. we never got to place because of the upheaval around the project to ever putting down specifics. is this in the works or this -- is this something we can continue to work on? >> it is something we can continue to work on. there is a youth involvement plan that talks about the things that have been put forward. we have taken the initial draft of that plan to the youth commission and heard some feedback. a yes vote unleashes the creativity about how do we link the neighborhoods to this event because that is final. it is not hoped for thing and how we deliver on the promise, getting pem out of the neighborhoods, going to the small businesses and getting people to understand there's more than san francisco than the waterfront and when they aren't racing we enjoy the benefit of
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those people coming to our city. the work force development plan includes a local small business component as well. we'll be continuing to work with them to try to implement that the way we can to make sense but we as a city see it with ways to part with the organizing committee which served as a leading role in sustainability and tried to pivot them around to things we are hearing excitement like do a hack-a-thon or do new apps that help people learn about the neighborhoods and learn about san francisco and get people away thinking we're a one-trick pony and here's our great waterfront. i would be happy to work with you and the office and the fillmore to understand how that works. commissioner olague: in district 5 alone we have several neighborhood commercial corridors, lower haight, inner sunset, so i think there's a lot of potential if we can start to educate people through the aps about all the unique
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neighborhoods we have. >> another piece i'd like to hiled, -- highlight, also, we'll have tourists coming to the event with information using a clipper car instead of renting a car from the airport and that's a good communication for a lot of things, saying this is what san francisco brings to you, can we teach you what we're trying to do with bike sharing or other ways to get around the city. these are all opportunities and the sky is the limit to tie them together in a way that makes 2013 uniquely productive. commissioner olague: if we could continue to converse on these things that would be great. president chiu: thank you. colleagues, before we proceed, unless -- actually supervisor farrell? ? supervisor farrell: a quick comment and quick request. one real quick, i want to say thanks to your staff. you've been working hard and i know there's been a lot of dislocation the last week but i think to publicly commend you guys for doing a great job
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representing the city and being flexible. i know certainly with the neighborhoods in district 2 we talk about all the time, i want to thank you and the request to add on we continue to be vigilant and want to say publicly about how that aspect changes continually but how to be engaged in waterfront experience but we continue to work to make sure that is protected as a long term resource for everyone here. . president chiu: we're engaged with the park conservancy and hope we find something to satisfy the reasonable request they've made. >> great, thanks. president chiu: colleagues, i know we close public comment. why don't we close the hearing in the committee of the whole and reconvene as the board of supervisors unless there's an objection, we're going to go ahead and do that. supervisor farrell, do you have anything else? president chiu? president chiu: thank you, first of all, colleagues, i'd like to move the amendment as a whole that has been provided to
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us by city staff and i'd just like to state that as some of you know, obviously in 2010 i was one of a number of sponsors of our original america's cup bid because i did think of it as an important opportunity for the city and obviously between 2010-2012, a number of things have changed, aspects of the deal changed, financial assumptions changed, and we did have some difficult discussions. and i know that there are mixed perspectives about what may have happened over the last couple of months. that being said, i do think today the approvals we have in front of us are absolutely worthy of our support and think they are appropriately focused on the race over the next two years and this is a solid set of agreements. we are bringing an incredible, international sporting event to the national amphitheater of the bay and bringing significant economic opportunities and making infrastructure improvements on the waterfront that will have an impact for years. so colleagues, at this time i'd like to ask that we move this amendment as a whole, that we
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move these motions, and i want to thank all of the various stakeholders who have taken part in this fairly long journey of this first leg of our voyage. i want to thank mr. martin and mr. benson and the many colleagues throughout city staff who worked hard on this. i want to thank the event authority, mr. barkley, and your colleagues. i'd like to thank the organizing committee. i think i saw mr. beal here and many folks have been working with you and this truly has been a joint partnership and one we'll continue to work with together as we prepare in the coming months and in the coming years so with that at this point, i'd like to make a motion to amend and hope we move this forward. >> we have motion to amend item 4 outlining the amendment of a whole. can we have a second to that motion so we have a second by supervisor kim? supervisor kim? supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor campos. i also want to reiterate my support for the resolution before us today. i know within the public there's a lot of confusion
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between the development and the event itself and i think that this board fairly unanimously supports america's cup being staged in the city and county of san francisco and we're excited to see this event come to us and i'm also appreciative of the work the city has done on the event and also to the america's cup organizing committee for working so closely with the city. i saw there were amendments to the resolution, around the amounts that have been committed to the city regarding the costs that will be incurred. as we move along, and also appreciated that on the resolution we took into account if we weren't able to meet our fundraising goals, we would be able to look at some cost saving measures for the city. but i do appreciate the work that's gone through this and of course to mr. buhl which is here as well and it's tough work which you're going to do but we appreciate it and the event is important to the city and will be supporting this resolution moving forward. supervisor campos: on the motion to amend item 4, we can
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take that without objection, motion passes. colleagues, unless there is an objection, we can take items 4 and 5 together and madam clerk, if we can have a roll call. >> on item 4 as amended and item 5, supervisor kim? supervisor kim: aye. >> supervisor mar? >>i. >> supervisor olague? >> aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos, aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> president chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? >> aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> 11 ayes. president chiu: the resolution is adopted. congratulations. [applause]
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president chiu: with that, colleagues, why don't we go to our 3:30 special order. i know we have a couple of individuals here that we want to recognize but why don't we give a minute for the room to clear. dd
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>> ladies and gentlemen, if we could please resume our proceedings. if forecasters -- if folk coos take their conversations outside the room. thank you. and with that we have one
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special commendation today and will be offered by our colleague, supervisor mark farrell. supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: thank you, president chiu. colleagues and members of the public today, i am both happy and p sad but very honored to be presenting a certificate of honor and commendation to a good friend and a really important part of our fabric here in san francisco for the past number of years. cindy brannan. cindy, come on up here. [applause] so everyone, cindy for the past seven years has been the executive director of san francisco safe here in our city. safe for those of you who don't know, i believe most of you know of it, it's an organization focused on safety in our community, in our neighborhoods, i think probably best known for neighborhood watch and so forth over the years, and has set up hundreds
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in san francisco but also does a lot with personal safety protection, involved with businesses in our community, and before coming here to the board of supervisors, i had the honor of being on the board of directors at ss-safe and i see a number of the board members and our police department including chief sir and the captain and everyone who worked with cindy. to me cindy has been not only a leader within the organization but certainly within the mission of safe in the city of san francisco. you know, continuing to grow safe's presence not only within our neighborhoods but also as we did the community advisory boards and the different stations throughout san francisco. the block captain meetings. but really kind of continued to be a partner with our police department and cindy is going back with her family to move back to wisconsin. i think the only thing i would request is your kids don't grow up packer fans and stay niners
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fans. but we're going to miss you so much. it's been so much fun for me to spend time with you over the years but thanks for all that you've done and congratulations and we wish you nothing but the best. [applause] >> i didn't expect this. supervisor farrell: i know. >> thank you, mark. you've been a great friend and colleague over the years and your support not just of me but our organization has been tremendous. i will miss you. i will miss, of course, working with the board of supervisors, all of you have been so great and supportive in the work that safe has done. i can't tell you how important that is to us and thank you, of course, to my staff who set me up to come here today. they tried to make it a surprise but that wouldn't work
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with me and obviously thank you to my board of directors for their long-term support. everyone has been onboard with the organization for so long and brings me great sadness to leave the organization and this city and i'm sure i won't find anything equivalent back in madison, wisconsin. i'm also sad to leave this great city and of course one of the things i value, also, is the partnership with the police department. we wouldn't be able to do as much as we do today without their support and their partnership and their leadership and we really appreciate everything that they've done for us and that the board of supervisors has done for our organization. i appreciate this. i'm humbled and very surprised but thank you very much. thank you. supervisor farrell: you bet. [applause] supervisor farrell: hold on, cindy, hold on a second.
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>> thank you very much, supervisor farrell. colleagues, at this time why don't we go to our 4:00 p.m. special order. madam clerk, could you call item 6-9. >> item 6 is a public hearing of persons interested in the decision of the planning commission's january 19, 2012 approval of a conditional use authorization for property located at 1111 california street, also known as the nob hill masonic center. item 7 is the commission approving the condition at use authorization at the masonic center. item 8 is the motion disapproving the planning position.
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item 9 is asking the clerk to prepare finding. president chiu: as i mentioned earlier in the meeting, colleagues, both parties in this matter have agreed to a continuance of one week. there have been fruitful conversations in recent days that potentially may lead to a resolution of this matter. so with that, i'd like to first entertain a motion to continue for one week. motion by supervisor farrell. seconded by supervisor martha we continue this item to april 3. before we move with the motion to continue, if there are any members of the public who wish to speak on this matter, please let us know. seeing none. on the motion to continue, colleagues, if we could take that without objection. without objection, that should be the case and this matter will be continued until april 3. madam clerk, could you read the adoption calendar. >> items 12-16 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption without committee reference. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote unless a member request discussion of after matter and then will be called separately and considered.
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president chiu: would anyone like to start. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: 14. president chiu: supervisor campos? and on items 12, 15, 16, madam clerk, please call the roll. supervisor kim? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >>i poofment >> supervisor olague? olague absent. supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> president chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? >> aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor elsbernd? aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> 10 ayes. president chiu: items are adopted. item 13. >> oaking withizing a day against homophobor and transphobia and calling on officials to lower the united nations flags in united nations
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plaza for a 24-hour period on may 17, 2012. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you. i wanted to make a couple points on this item. this a resolution that recognizes international day of homophobia and transphobia. it's important to simply note that often here in supervise we take many things for granted. the reality is in most parts of the world, lbgb people are still suffering not only discrimination but in some of these countries you're talking about violence and at times even death and i think it's important for those of us who live in places like san francisco where we don't have to deal with those -- with such a horrible situation that we acknowledge the suffering that other people have and that's what this resolution is about. i think it's important for us to recognize that and i know that other countries like spain, belgium, mexico, costa
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rica have recognized this day and we are calling upon the city officials and specifically the director of the department of public works to lower both the american flag and the u.n. plaza flag on may 17 and i want to thank the co-sponsors of this resolution. supervisor olague, supervisor kim, and president chiu. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you, supervisor. unless there's any further discussion, colleagues, can we take this item, same call? >> mr. president, it's not the same house, we have supervisor olague back. president chiu: roll call vote. >> item 13, vfsor kim? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. respect sprfors olague? >> aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> president chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> aye. >> supervisor farrell?
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>> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. president chiu: the resolution is adopted. item 14. >> resolution supporting assembly bill 1831 which bans expand the box for state and employees to cover city and county workers state wythe. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: continue for one week. president chiu: is there a second? supervisor cohen. if we can do that without objection and continue until april 3, that shall be the case. with that could you read the memoriums. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in the memory of the following individual on behalf of supervisor kim, olague and avalos for the late dr. engrazia, escobar, borha. president chiu: is there any more business in front of the board? >> that concludes our business for today. president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.